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NBA training facility: it’s all about the roof!

Camden, NJ – This morning we met with Sika sales representative David Steinberg to see the installation of Sika Sarnafil membranes on the roofs of the new Philadelphia 76ers training facility.

Check out that seamwork!

Check out that seamwork!

The new facility will include two basketball courts with overlooking offices, and an office for the largest sales team in the NBA. The construction of this facility is hoped to be completed by the start of the 2016 season. And this up-coming season should be an interesting one for the 76ers after drafting the number one prospect, Ben Simmons!

We were able to go on the roof of the sales office to see installation of Sarnafil, which is used on the sales office, the main training facility, and over the roofing for the player’s parking lot. The 76ers are using a low VOC Sarnafil membrane system in a reflective white color over insulation for thermal efficiency.

Sika Sarnamatic

Sika Sarnamatic

Sarnacol 2170 VC is applied in two steps by rolling the tacky substance first on the membrane and then on the surface. The membrane and the surface are then joined together to form a strong adhesive bond. A Sarnamatic welder is used to form a three inch seam between membranes and a handheld welder is used for more intricate welding, such as around pipes and drains. This seam creates a completely water-proof bond.




David Steinberg told us Sika Sarnafil just released a new programmable Sarnamatic welder that can automatically set welding speed and temperature based on membrane thickness and ambient temperature. A plaza deck is also being implemented for employees to enjoy the surrounding sights. From the roof of the sales office you can see many important landmarks in Camden and Philadelphia: the iconic Ben Franklin bridge, the original Campbell’s soup factory, the Battleship New Jersey museum and the Children’s hospital of Philadelphia (where Sika Sarnafil is also currently being installed). We will just have to wait and see how this luxurious training facility is going to affect the future of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Parking for players. The stars stay dry!

Parking for players. The stars stay dry!



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