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Heading to Raleigh, NC, after crossing NYC, NJ, PA, MD, and VA!

Our first week of travel is over and we still have so many jobs to share with you! Stay tuned to learn more about this week!

As a summary, we went all along this road


Can you imagine we almost drove 500 miles!

Now, we’re going to have some rest in Raleigh to prepare our next week in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida! And if you have any tips for Raleigh, restaurants, bars, a place to watch the final of the Eurocup of soccer (France – Portugal, it will be awesome!), let us know!

Have a great week-end everyone and see you next week for new adventures!



  1. Lisa

    Enjoy your weekend lads!!

    • Matt & Eric

      Thanks Lisa! We will keep you update! And enjoy your weekend too!

  2. Kenneth Baragary

    Looking forward to welcoming you to the Midwest!!!Keep an eye on the sky to avoid taking a wild ride in the clouds!

    • Matt & Eric

      Looking forward to it too!

  3. MaryAlice Silva

    Hey Matt and Eric
    Head over to The Players Retreat at 105 Oberlin Rd Raleigh, NC 27605 to match the game tomorrow!
    Enjoy and be safe!

    • MaryAlice Silva

      UGH ! Watch the game……

    • Eric & Matt

      Hey Mare, thanks a lot for the tip! Hope the game will be great!

  4. Karin

    Hey Matt & Eric,
    Wow! you saw a lot in only 4 days! Hope you enjoyed the weekend in NC.

    • Eric & Matt

      Hi Karin,
      Yes, We are Sika 🙂 And week-end was great! Thanks for asking!
      Now in South Carolina!

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