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If you like Casinos, then you’ll love Schuster Concrete

National Harbor, MA – Over 160,000 yards of concrete was both produced and placed by Schuster concrete in 12 months. Are you having trouble picturing how much that is? Well, it’s enough to support a casino, a 3,000-seat theater, a 24-story hotel, 12 restaurants, and a massive parking structure.

MGM on Hill w Matt (1 of 1)The 1.3 billion dollar casino resort in National Harbor, MD (10 miles from D.C.) will be open in 2017 despite starting construction in May, 2014. To give you an idea of the scale of this casino at the height of the project there were 10 cranes onsite. 6-8 truckloads of rebar were supplied per day. 66,000 cubic yards of concrete were used in the building of the parking decks, utilizing 132,000 gallons of Sika CNI corrosion inhibitor and 24,000 gallons of Sika Viscocrete 2100 admixture. In one particularly ambitious day, Schuster concrete produced and placed 3,100 cubic yards of concrete in a 24 hour period. The concrete for the roof of the hotel was supposed to be complete by March 31st. Schuster had it done on December 29th. Despite the speed and scale of the project, everything actually went quite smoothly. 9,800 psi concrete needed for support was created over 28 days and yet not a single cylinder failed. When we asked Gary Burrows how difficult it was to coordinate such a large work force, he basically shrugged and said when everyone knows what to do and the product is working the project falls into place. Amazing.

Left: Gary Burrows and Jay Harmon (Schuster Concrete) Right: Will Rafferty and Justin King (Swopes & Associates)

Left: Gary Burrows and Jay Harmon (Schuster Concrete) Right:  Justin King and Will Rafferty (Swopes & Associates)

Gary Burrows and Jay Harmon gave a lot of credit to the “captain” of the company. Dan Schuster started Schuster concrete in 1974 with a pick-up truck and two wheel barrows. Despite the current size of the company, it’s not unusual to see him out with a jackhammer on a 90 degree day. With the leadership of Dan Schuster, Schuster concrete finished their portion of the MGM casino on budget and 11 weeks early. So, how did they accomplish all of this? Schuster concrete is one of the only companies in the country that has a ready mix division and a construction division that can work together to get projects done efficiently. Jay Harmon and the ready mix crew set up three onsite NRMCA certified concrete batch plants to supply the roughly 700 construction workers with the concrete they needed. The company at one point had 1,600 employees on payroll dedicated to the project working around the clock. So, if you have any major construction projects planned to be completed in a short amount of time in the greater D.C. area you know who to call.

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If you want to learn more about the MGM National Harbor Casino click here.



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