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Schiavone Construction saves the LBI Bridge!

Long Beach Island, NJ – Are you a certified scuba diver and have experience with epoxies and mortar? If so, we may have a job for you. Schiavone Construction Co. LLC currently employs scuba certified workers to fix the Dorland J Henderson Memorial Bridge (known as the Manahawkin Bay Bridge), which connects Long Beach Island to Stafford Township. Schiavone workers are able to fix existing timber support poles without having to shut down the over-passing Route 72. As the only route for cars to enter and exit the island, this highway is pretty important to keep operational.

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) sleeves

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) sleeves

Schiavone uses Sika’s Pile Restoration System, which was pioneered by legendary Sika employee, Bob Wallace. Route 72 has structural support from poles in 20 feet of water.The structural poles have endured slow erosion from saltwater as well as compressive loading over time. At the start of the project, the poles were stripped of bad wood. Rebar poles were then drilled into the existing timber. With a canvas boot at the bottom, injection ports are then filled with a mixture of 100 lbs of sand per 3 gallons of Sikadur 35. Surrounding the mixture are fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) pile repair sleeves secured with ratchet straps and bolts. By doing this the timber poles remain structurally sufficient without the need to remove them.

See the barge at the other end?

See the barge at the other end?

Logistically, this project is very interesting. The interesting part is that this is all put together on a floating barge with the help of certified scuba divers. Sikadur-35 and approved sand are placed on the floating barge where they are administered to the timber poles. Sikadur-35 was originally sold in 3 gallon totes, which proved to be a nightmare for Schiavone employees to spend the day opening cans. Sika sales representative Sam Girgenti assisted in these logistics by organizing the delivery of Sikadur-35 in 330 gallon totes rather than the usual 3 gallon ones. You can imagine that 2400 gallons of product is much easier to handle in quantities of 330 than of 3. After the success of Phase 1, Phase 2 of the project will begin mid-August.

Now, let’s cross the bridge to our next stop!

Sikacar on the beach

Sikacar on the beach

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  1. Bob Haas

    I go over that bridge almost every day. What a great success story for Sika and Products and Services.

    • Matt & Eric

      Now you know Sika is in it!

  2. Lisa Boulanger

    Great to know how Sika is involved in this project… I have been crossing this bridge since 1982!!!

    • Matt & Eric

      Hi Lisa, that’s the great thing with Sika products: you’re in contact with them Every Day 🙂

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