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Ready Mix, Set, Go! Reston Station

Reston, VA – It will take Titan America roughly 6,000 total trips at 10 yards per truckload to deliver the concrete needed to build the Signature complex in Reston, Virginia. Now that’s a lot of stops. Titan will make all of this concrete at their ready mix plant in Sterling, Virginia. The interesting thing about this plant is that it’s nearly completely automated in the formulation process. The mix design, based on the specifications of the customer, is entered into a batching computer; this controls the amount of aggregate, water, admixtures, and any other components required. There are even insulated Sika trailers onsite containing up to 1000 gallon containers of product. Reston Station building specs include Sika AEA-14 air entrainer, Sika Viscocrete-2100, Sika Viscoflow-2020, and even Sika CNI corrosion inhibitor in some places.

Quick! The concrete is setting!

In a ready mix plant all of the components are mixed before going into the truck. The truck then has only 90 minutes to get to the site. So, if you see a concrete truck stuck in traffic, you know the driver is probably starting to sweat. When onsite, the truck pours its contents into a container and one of three cranes will carry this container to the location where it will be set. Workers then spread out the concrete and use a trowel if necessary to even the surface. The entire process has to be done quickly because there is a literal race against the clock before the concrete sets. To make matters more complicated, samples from each truckload have to be collected for testing.

It's important for the testing conditions of the samples to match the concrete used onsite.

It’s important for the testing conditions of the samples to match the concrete used onsite.

Efficiency is key in a successful concrete construction project. Baker Concrete Construction currently has 142 workers onsite, which will rise up to 275 as the project continues. All of the coordination of these workers should pay off, as the 24-story, two-tower building will be a stunning addition to the Reston Station Town Center. There is even going to be a pool deck on the 7th floor (using permeability reducing admixture Sika WT-25 P). If you’re looking for a luxury apartment or office in Reston, the project is expected to be completed in 2018 and look down parking floors are already in place!


Titan & Sika: let’s Concrete together!


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