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A table display for Sika Pro Select products.

A table display for Sika Pro Select products.

Acworth, GA – Today, we got the chance to talk with Nikki Jones from Sika Residential at the Home Depot in Acworth, Georgia. Nikki’s job is about building relationships with retail managers and customers to demonstrate the effectiveness of Sika products. As she explained to us, it’s important to know exactly what you’re talking about in a store. Nikki helps customers with DIY projects by asking them particular questions to lead them to the perfect Sika product for the job. With Nikki’s help, everyone can complete a successful DIY project.

We actually got the chance to see a customer ask Nikki for a recommendation. We couldn’t keep up with her as she asked question after question to narrow his decision. He wanted to reseal the expansion joint between his concrete floor and garage. He originally wanted to use a product over the existing sealant, but Nikki convinced him to dig out the old before applying a new sealant. He ended up purchasing the 29 oz grey Sikaflex self-leveling based on Nikki’s recommendations. We’re sure his expansion joint with look great!

This display shows the ideal Sika product for each waterproofing issue.

This display shows the ideal Sika product for each waterproofing issue.

Interestingly, the most popular product can vary from store to store, even in nearby locations. Nikki has to pay attention to which products are selling in which location. Nikki services Sika product’s on the shelf by examining packaging, rotating items by date, and checking the stock of each.

The Home Depot in Acworth has a Sika incap, which is a permanent display of Sika products demonstrating their intended applications. Nikki also conducts 2 table top set-ups per week and we were lucky enough to see one. Nikki even demonstrated the effectiveness of SikaBond Concrete Adhesive by bonding two concrete cinderblocks together and immediately lifting them up. Check out this video to see Sika in action!


So, ready to bring a Pro at home?



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