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The Color Experts, Sika’s Newest Addition!

Douglasville, GA – How would you like to have a concrete floor in Toucan Green? What about Jimi Hendrix Purple? Maybe you’d prefer to have it textured to look like wood or slate. L.M. Scofield can do all that and more. Scott Vaughn from Sika’s newest division, L.M. Scofield, gave us a tour of the facility in Douglasville, Georgia. The first thing we saw entering the lobby was a Ford Model T in the lobby from 1915, representing the year L.M. Scofield was founded. It became clear to us that Scofield is beyond experienced in enhancing architectural concrete.

Ford Model-T

Ford Model-T

Patrick Edwards from Scofield’s color lab can match nearly any color using Tintura water based product. While a customer can provide a color code or an item to match, Pat often asks for a sample of the concrete used. While paint is generally applied over a white background, Scofield’s concrete color products have to integrate with a variety of concrete colors. Concrete made with white sand from Florida will look different from a concrete with a dark Georgian aggregate using the same product. As a result of this, color matching machines cannot be relied on as the medium is constantly changing, and so Pat’s incredible color eye determines the final match.

Concrete color

Scofield can match nearly any concrete color you can come up with!

L.M. Scofield creates custom stamps that contractors can use to apply specific textures to concrete. Scofield’s design lab can use a combination of hand-drawing and design software to customize these stamps. Disney is a regular customer of Scofield, often asking for vivid colors for their amusement parks. Scofield is currently working on a stamp to imprint a footprint of a character from Disney’s movie “UP”. It’s amazing what a combination of Scofield products can provide. By applying an antiquing blend on a wood imprint with the right color combination, concrete can be indistinguishable from established floor boards.

These are both concrete!

These are both concrete!

Scofield produces a variety of concrete color products, from acid-based to water-based to powder. There are color hardeners for extra tensile strength and refreshers for sealing over colors. Also, as Phil Arnold told us, all of these products have a long history of successful pairing with Sika concrete products, especially in southern California. All signs point toward L.M. Scofield being a great addition to Sika!

Want to see some more beautiful concrete using L.M. Scofield products? Click here.


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