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Palm Trees and Luxury Condos, Welcome to Boca Raton!

Boca Raton, FL – Why is it important to waterproof Palmetto Place’s sixth floor pool deck? Well, because there are people living directly underneath. Julio from Waterfront Services showed us around the luxury condominium in Boca Raton, Florida. The biggest challenge of this project is waterproofing the planters that contain palm trees, each weighing several thousand pounds. The palm trees had to be removed in order to waterproof the planters with the Sikalastic RoofPro 20  system.

All of the balconies will be refurbished using Sikalastic DeckPro.

The RoofPro 20 system incorporates a primer, local perimeter and crack reinforcement, a reinforced basecoat, and a topcoat to provide a durable waterproofing membrane. Sika Reemat Premium fiberglass imbedded in the basecoat reinforces the strength of the elastic, waterproof coating. This is an important step to seal cracks in the elastomeric membrane. Where stucco is used as the decorative finish, an extra top coat with sand is applied to allow the stucco finish to bond properly. Senior Project Sales Representative John O’Brien explained to us that Sika offers a twenty year Labor and Material Warranty to back-up the high quality and durability of the system. Such a warranty is especially useful in Florida, which requires a building inspection every 40 years due to the corrosive nature of the salty air and frequent nor’easter winds. Sika Technical Services Inspector Calvin Borg will inspect the RoofPro system a minimum of three times throughout the process to ensure the products were applied correctly.

These planters are now completely waterproof.







After the Sikalastic Roofpro 20 system has cured, the planters are then lined with Sika GRS Drainage Mats. These dual function linings not only divert water into drainage pipes, but also act as root barriers for the palm trees. If you’ve ever seen the root system of a palm tree then you know how complicated they can be. Root systems have even been known to puncture concrete and cause structural instability. Once the 35,000 square feet of concrete is lined with RoofPro, Waterfront Services will hire cranes to lift the palm trees into the planters. Julio mentioned that he is still looking for a worker that can lift these trees to save on crane costs.

The root system of a palm tree will grow as far out as possible. Sometimes right into concrete.

Now trees are in place in their new waterproof planters, let’s go and enjoy the swimming pool!



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