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Soaking it in at Miami Beach!

Miami Beach, FL – In the second half of the twentieth century there was a sort of architectural revolution on Miami Beach, much of it along historic Collins Avenue. The Fontainebleau and Eden Roc Hotels ushered in a new era of modern luxury beachfront accommodations that to this day are one of the hallmarks of Miami culture.  Many of these buildings were built using reinforced concrete due to its strength and resistance to moisture. Even so, decades of the salty humidity from the Atlantic Ocean will have an adverse effect on any building. Restore Construction Group, Inc. is currently refurbishing the concrete on the Carriage House Condominiums.

Sika Armatec adds both strength and resistance to rust.

The 12 million dollar contract for a three year refurbishment project will include a complete exterior restoration. SikaGrout 212 is being used to grout in rebar in the wall cavities that has corroded over the years. The grout provides effective protection to the rebars.  Sikacrete 211 is being used to repair concrete slabs that are in need of refurbishment. Approximately 40 truckloads of Sikacrete 211 will be used on the project.  Restore Construction Group uses wet carpets to cure the placed Sikacrete 211 concrete to protect it against the extreme Miami summer temperatures and wind.  Even though concrete shrinks a minute amount when curing, wet curing allows the tensile strength of the concrete to outmuscle the volume change associated with concrete shrinkage, thereby preventing shrinkage cracks.

DSC_0606_MBeach_5_webCorrosion of embedded reinforcing can become dangerous to the building’s occupants, as concrete spalling can result in pieces of concrete falling from the building’s exterior.  Since the Carriage House is situated right on the ocean, the rebar is very susceptible to corrosion. Despite the protection of concrete cover over the rebars, salts will over time permeate concrete and break down the rebar’s protective oxide layer, leading to corrosion damage. Restore Construction uses 2 coats of Sika Armatec 110, which acts both as a rust inhibitor and as a bonding agent for the concrete repair materials.

Those ports are attached to the framework to pump Sikacrete 211. Holes in the ends of the framework allow air to escape to prevent air pockets.

Mark Udvardy, superintendent of the project, explained to us that epoxies alone used to be applied to corroded rebar, but products like Sika Armatec 110 Epocem work better, and are easier to use.  The vast majority of the concrete repairs at Carriage House are being done using the form-and-pump method, which produces a high-quality, durable repair.

With the experts at Restore Construction Group, Inc. the salty air in Miami is nothing to worry about!




Left: Sika’s John O’Brien, Right: Restore Construction’s Mark Udvardy


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