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Floors with Prada, Chopard and Stella McCartney

DSC_0619_Wood_web1Miami Beach, FL – For the shops in Bal Habour on Miami Beach, ambiance is everything. When Roy Ciserneros’ wood floor contracting company All American Floors was first contracted in the mall 10 years ago shopkeepers took note. The quality of the work was so apparent that shops all across the mall began implementing wood floors. In a business where mistakes stick out like a sore thumb and can affect his reputation, Roy only uses reliable products he gets from Rey Gutierrez, sales representative from Suncrest.  He told us he exclusively uses Sikabond-T35, a wood floor adhesive, and Sika Primer MB, a moisture barrier product, to make his customer’s designs come to life.

All American Floors can get really creative with stains and shapes.


Customers will often submit a sketch or an idea to All American Floors with specifications to match their store’s design. In one instance, Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul McCartney, gave Roy a print of her idea of a perfect floor. Even though the design was complicated, Roy came up with a plan to implement her vision. After cutting and staining each piece of wood to meet Stella McCartney’s specifications, the final floor eventually fit together like a puzzle. Take a look at this Stella McCartney’s floors by clicking here! And as you can see, over eight years later the floor still looks brand new.

The floor in Books & Books uses a white wash to develop a contrast of colors.

Designs can get tricky as shop owners develop more complicated layouts. Chopard Boutique, which sells jewelry and watches, has a light-up display in the store’s center. All American Floors was able to hide the electrical work in the wooden legs of the display. The resulting display is completely functional without compromising on aesthetics. In addition, wood floors designs are constantly changing to satisfy trends and accommodate different satisfactions. By using different types of woods in a chevron pattern using multiple stains, a three dimensional look can be obtained. Currently, wood floors with white planks or a white wash are becoming more popular, such as the one in Books & Books.

Another challenge involves maintaining a consistent look across a floor in both high traffic and low traffic areas. As some designs are more prone to wear, All American Floors offers a maintenance program to manage upkeep. This program mostly involves using a scrubber and re-applying a topcoat of hard wax oil. Roy explained that boards rarely need to be replaced due to the effectiveness of SikaBond T-35. In IWC Schaffhausen the high traffic area was indistinguishable from the low traffic area after four years. The store owner mentioned to us that the floor “has received a lot of compliments.”  We can’t wait to see new remarkable wood floors coming to life thanks to Roy!

Look at that consistency!


Check out some of All American Floor and Sika’s completed projects!


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