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Baton Rouge, LA – If you are looking for a blend of southern charm and modern elegance you can find it at the Baton Rouge Marriott. The building, previously a Hilton hotel, was purchased in April, 2015 by AVR Realty Co. in a partnership with Dimension Development Co. The Marriott will undergo a 40 million dollar renovation project, both inside and out. The intention is to restore the iconic status of the building, as the prime location and the renovation project will definitely draw attention. ABG Caulking is contracted for exterior coating and will be applying Sikagard 550W elastic and Sikagard 670W elastic to protect this building for years to come.

Specializing in exterior coatings for both new construction and existing maintenance, ABG Caulking has been involved in projects across the United States. Todd Greene assured us that the 22-story building will be typical work for the company. The application process utilizes two scaffolds, handling one facing wall at a time. Initially, the wall is power-washed and sealant is replaced as needed. Then a new coat of Sikagard is applied with careful attention placed on the consistency of the coat. Sikagard is designed to provide a weather-resistant, long-lasting membrane to maintain concrete protection and general aesthetics. Todd expects the exterior coating process will be finished in a few months, at which point the entire building will be protected by Sikagard.

ABG Caulking also has to coordinate around window installation.

Andrew, the Marriott’s building engineer, explained to us that the primary challenge is to continue providing the hotel’s signature hospitality without interruption throughout the project. A major aspect of that is completing the exterior coating efficiently and effectively, and so the experience of the ABG Caulking team is crucial. Andrew mentioned that this is the “biggest hotel reconstruction this area has seen.” ABG Caulking will assist in re-establishing the iconic status of the building and Sikagard will ensure it remains that way.



  1. Are you guys still in shape and motivated about your exciting trip around the US?
    With great interest I am reading each of your daily stories!
    Continue to have fun!
    Christoph Ganz

    • Matt & Eric

      Oh yes we are! This week in Texas and next week in Phoenix and California: we’re so excited! Thanks a lot for reading us!

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