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There are some stories that make you proud of your company’s reliability. Hank Taylor from Epoxy Design Systems, Inc. has been using Sika products on his house since 1974. In 1979 he was the second contractor in Houston to have Sika certification for completing concrete refurbishment training. Hank, a long time ambassador for Sika products, was the first to contact us through the blog to request a visit. After meeting with the team at Epoxy Design, we were glad for Hank’s request. Specializing in repairs, protection, and strengthening in commercial, industrial, and marine industries, Hank and Epoxy Designs have completed just about every concrete refurbishment project you can think of.


We’re proud to have met Hank and his team during our trip!

In the ‘80’s, Hank traveled to a United States military base on Diego Garcia, a small island located in the Indian Ocean. He had to receive military authorization to repair several structures damaged by an earthquake. Epoxy Design has completed projects using Sika products all across the western hemisphere, from New York to Panama to Taiwan.

Epoxy Design received national recognize for a pier repair project off Galveston, Texas.  Utilizing a million pounds of shotcrete, Epoxy Design completely revitalized the failing pier. For marine projects, Epoxy Design incorporates anodes for corrosion reinforcement. A sacrificial piece of zinc uses electrolysis to divert corrosion away from concrete. These anodes are often built into fiber glass jackets, providing additional protection against the destructive salt water.

Recently, Epoxy Design finished restoring the Sand Crab Stadium in Port Lavaca, Texas. Sikalastic 715 and Sikalastic 735 were used in repairing spalls and damaged concrete. The bleachers were removed, the supporting concrete was refurbished, and a new set of bleachers were installed. The result is a football stadium that looks brand new, hopefully providing a competitive edge to the Calhoun Sand Crabs.

Epoxy Design Systems, Inc. has been in involved in concrete refurbishment all over the world. It will be interesting to see how Hank Taylor utilizes Sika products in his future projects and for the next 42 years!


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