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Houston, TX – We got a chance to meet with the team at NAH Sports Flooring, LLC. A Covington Company. NAH’s Reino Finnstrom took us to two projects using Sikafloor systems. Having partnered with Sika four years ago, Reino explained the benefits of a successful manufacturer and installer team when submitting flooring proposals. Architects or owners will provide specifications that they would like to have in their floor. NAH is able to match these specs to a Sikafloor System.  The matched specs and a history of successful installations provides a competitive edge to their proposals.


Spills? No problem!

Reino first brought us to an expansion project for the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Sugar Land, Texas. The kitchen area was installed with the quarter-inch Sikafloor Quartzite Heavy Duty Broadcast System. This system is ideal for kitchens due to its resistance to spills and foot traffic, as well as its ability to support heavy kitchen equipment. Existing floors in this area were also patched with this system. NAH was able to match the “ambering” of color that occurs in kitchen floor topcoats. The eighth-inch Sikafloor Quartzite Broadcast system was implemented in the sterilization area of the hospital. Surgical tools and linens pass through this area to be sterilized, as it’s important to have a floor with chemical resistance that is easy to clean. These Sikafloor systems will help Memorial Hermann Hospital to uphold high standards of cleanliness.


The impermeable topcoat is easy to clean. A sterile environment can be maintained.

Reino also took us to the Cypress-Fairbanks Food Processing Center to review the installation of Sikafloor-22 NA Purcem System. The center has massive cooking equipment to make lunches for nearby school districts. The cooking areas have already worn through a plastic floor and an epoxy coating system. The food processing center decided to start fresh, and contracted NAH to remove the existing epoxy floor via shotblast, and then implement the Purcem System. The Purcem System is designed to handle both the weight of heavy machinery and chemical spills to provide a long-lasting floor.

sikafloor purcem

The Purcem System is designed to withstand these heavy machines.

The teamwork of NAH and Sika assists Memorial Hermann Hospital to maintain cleanliness and the Cypress-Fairbanks Food Processing Center to help feed Houston’s children. I’m sure this teamwork will continue to have a positive impact on the greater Houston area!

The team at NAH! Joe Covington Jr., Reino Finnstrom, Reggie Hill, Patti Doile, and Rich Johnson.


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