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Automotive, Aviation, and Medical Components with NN, Inc.

The Sikafloor Epo-Rock system has a primer, epoxy mortar coat, grout coat, and top coat.

Lubbock, TX – I think everyone can agree that the components in the automotive, aviation, and medical industries should be made with extreme care. Luckily, the experts at NN, Inc. Precision Engineered Products Group know exactly what they’re doing in creating injected molds and plastics for these industries. We met with HSE coordinator Scott Benson, who walked us through the facility in Lubbock, Texas and explained the complex work NN, Inc. does every day.

NN, Inc. can mold everything from a small washer to a large lighting panel for commercial buses, using a wide range of plastics. They receive all kinds of specifications for assembly products. The specifications may be a highly engineered design with extreme tolerances, or they may be basic ideas from new customers. NN, Inc. even offers do in-house designs to ensure the products match any sort of specification. In a multi-phase project NN, Inc. contracted T.W. Hicks Inc., a trusted Sika partner, to install a new flooring system without interrupting operations. After Phase 1, Scott has been satisfied with the project so far, explaining that the installation process was quiet and dust-free. He expects operations to continue as usual throughout the remainder of the installation, as the entire 50,000-square-foot facility will implement Sika flooring.

Moving 700-pound molds and other equipment can have serious affects on floors.

Scott described the thought process behind choosing the Sikafloor Epo-Rock Trowel Mortar System in this facility. As a company whose attention to detail affects the safety of cars, planes, and medical equipment, the decision process of the new flooring system was no exception. To start, NN, Inc. wanted a white colored floor to promote its clean working environment because it becomes very clear when a white floor accumulates dust. The biggest selling point of the Sikafloor Epo-Rock system is that it has greater compressive strength than concrete. The heavy equipment and molds were beginning to damage the concrete floor of the facility. Scott wanted to be sure that any future damage can be attributed directly to concrete rather than the epoxy floor. The ability to patch damaged areas was also appealing, as a smooth, strong floor can be attained without a complete re-installation.

We are proud that the Sikafloor Epo-Rock stood up to the scrutiny of the engineered products group. After touring the facility, we are relieved that the plastic components and molds used in the automotive, aviation, and medical industries are in good hands.

Look at that finish!


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