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Canyon, TX – The Lone Star Milk Processing Plant in Canyon, Texas will process up to 2.5 million pounds of powered milk each day.  The plant will produce cream, condensed milk, butter, and various dairy powders. Tanker trucks full of milk from across the state will be delivered to this facility for processing a monumental impact on the local economy is expected from this 80 million dollar project. T.W. Hicks Inc. has been contracted to install several Sikafloor systems to support this important facility.

Lone Star is made up of roughly 170 individual dairy farms over nine states.

The facility is owned by Lone Star Milk Producers, a farmer owned dairy cooperative. As most of the members are based locally, creating a positive impact on the surrounding community is very important in this project. Since milk is about 87 percent water, the plant will include a system to separate and clean water to potable levels. The 90,000 gallons per day of clean water will be available for the city. Future draughts in Canyon should not be a problem. Over 60 jobs will be created through this project, most of them being high-skilled due to the incorporated technology. Also, between the incoming taxes from the plant and the potential for “spin-off” businesses, the local economy will see increasing growth.

All milk will be transported from offsite dairy farms.

T.W. Hicks’ Kurt Dreger mentioned that several different Sikafloor systems will be implemented throughout this plant. The receiving area will employ Sikafloor-19NA Purcem. Interestingly, this system behaves plastically upon impact, and so floors will deform without cracking under stress. Two modified Sikafloor systems will be used in the process and ancillary rooms. A combination of Sikafloor-22NA Purcem, Sikadur 508, and Sikafloor 510 will create floor resistant to both harsh chemicals and abrasion. Also, a combination of Sikafloor 1610, Sikafloor 264, and Sikafloor 315 will create floor with a strong moisture barrier and wear resistance. I’m sure the floors won’t be a problem in this colossal operation.


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