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Monsoons? No Problem!


One facing wall is handled at a time for scaffolding efficiency.

Phoenix, AZ – Anyone who doesn’t think that sealing and bonding is important in Arizona should have seen the monsoon that passed Phoenix on Friday. Even though only eight inches of rain fall on Phoenix per year, they fall hard. The Arizona Tower and APS building high rises are both undergoing complete exterior refurbishment projects. The gaskets surrounding the windows and pre-existing urethane coatings will be replaced by Sikasil WS-290 and Sikasil WS-295. Both the 22 story and 19 story buildings are owned by Parallel Capital Partners. To consult for these refurbishment projects, they hired Neil from Speedie and Associates, who is a big fan of Sika’s silicone sealants

Silicone sealants are becoming increasingly popular in office buildings across Phoenix. This is not an accident, as Neil mentioned that he would like to “get rid of all gaskets in high rises in Phoenix.” Neil explained that neoprene gaskets do not actually use any wet sealants, they simply engage a window to form a seal. Naturally, these gaskets can shrink with age, allowing water to enter the windows. Sikasil is designed to expand and contract in order to maintain a seal over time. Urethane products can be effective, but they often have to be replaced after 7-12 years. On the other hand, Neil has applied silicone sealants with a lifespan of 30 years. Also, silicone works exceptionally well on non-porous materials, such as glass and aluminum, in comparison to other products.


The urethane coating (bottom) can harden and crack overtime, causing more frequent reapplication.

Parallel Capital Partners contracted Neil due to his experience with the small details of high rise refurbishment projects, such as how to seal perimeter joints or the bottom of a horizontal mullion. Products must be named in design specifications for project proposals, and Neil will constantly recommend Sika products. He feels Sika has a reputation for product representation, and he can demonstrate this to building managers. Sika’s Ray Russo is always checking in on Neil’s projects and performing pull tests as necessary. The teamwork between Neil and Ray allows refurbishment projects to be done correctly and efficiently.

Sika products were actually used in a sealing project for the US Bank building, the second tallest building in the state. Due to the city’s rapid growth, more major high rises are being planned in the Arizona Center and existing buildings are planning refurbishment projects. With the history of success between Ray and Neil, they will no doubt be involved in these future projects throughout Phoenix.

Eric and Ray Russo.



  1. Herbert Zwartkruis

    Hello, I love to see you folks in Phoenix. According to the Forbes List of Fastest Growing Cities in the USA on rank 4 in 2015. Regards Herbert

    • Matt & Eric

      Yes! And a lot of jobs down there!

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