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Phoenix, AZ – Border Construction Specialties in Phoenix was the first distributor to carry Sika products in the city. When Sika’s Ray Russo moved to Phoenix 21 years ago, Border Construction was the only distributor carrying Sika products, and they have continued believing in the Sika brand ever since. Border Construction has both an inside and outside sales division, and supplies construction supplies to everyone from general contractors to homeowners. Carrying a wide range of Sika products, Border Construction can supply materials for nearly any project.

Tom, a member of the Border Construction ownership group, believes that the popularity of products begin in the residential market before gaining traction in the commercial market. He explained that it’s important to support the discretionary day-to-day customers as well as the large contracting firms. Border Construction invites customers to a yearly “Border Burger Bash” open house in their warehouse. Ray Russo explained that this event is a great way to demonstrate Sika products to a wide variety of customers.

Sikaflex 1a is a very popular product.

Border Construction specializes in supplying materials for all types of construction projects. With a growing masonry division, Border Construction imports stones from Asia to South America depending on their customer’s needs. Interestingly, mining for rare earth metals, especially copper, is a large industry in Arizona. Border Construction supplies all types of mining equipment, from mining tools to safety equipment. The company’s safety division is especially impressive, stocking a wide range of hard hats, safety vests, and harnesses. You can even find a Border Construction tool van on the roads around Phoenix demonstrating a diverse range of tools. Customers were so receptive to the original tool van that Border is going to introduce a second one.

Border Construction is supplying Sika products for an ongoing dam renovation project in Tempe, Arizona. After a section of the Tempe Town Lake dam burst, a hydraulic-powered floodgate system was installed. The interior of the dam wall will be waterproofed with several Sika products, including Sika Greenstreak FUKO injection hose, Sika Greenstreak PVC Waterstops, SikaFix HH+, and Sikaflex-2c NS. With Border Construction and Sika products, any project in the Phoenix area can be done!

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