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Phoenix, AZ – Clayco designed a Preflight Parking Garage in Phoenix Arizona to offer a cost-effective alternative to long term airport parking. Just a lightrail ride away from the Phoenix airport, the massive structure can hold vehicles for indefinite periods of time. And as an added bonus, the brand new garage is protected and sealed by Sika products. When Sika’s Ray Russo saw the design specifications asking for a base coat that doesn’t require a primer, he thought it would be a great opportunity to use Sika’s new product, the Sikalastic 710 NP.

The elevator equipment underneath cannot get wet.

The Sikalastic 710/715/735 AL Traffic System applied on the parking deck uses two coats of Sikalastic 715 with aggregate, which provides water impermeability despite heavy vehicle traffic. This is especially important near the structure’s elevators, as the electrical utility equipment directly underneath must remain water-free. Tom from Charles Court Construction, Inc. commented on his experience with this traffic system and the new Sikalastic 710 NP base coat. He mentioned that the Sika products have “great workability.” This is especially important in the dry Arizona heat where products thicken very quickly.


Can you see the aggregate slip-resistance on the right?

In addition to the traffic system, the joints throughout the structure will be sealed using Sikaflex-2c. As most parking garages are made with Precast Double Tee concrete molds, gaps exist throughout the structure at the junction points. Because these gaps can be several feet deep, Backer Rods are often used to shorten them. Ray Russo explained the problem with “three sided adhesion,” in which a sealant bonds to more than two surfaces. Since sealants are designed to stretch laterally, stress from more than two surfaces will cause ripping. Backer Rods do not bond to Sikaflex-2c, and so the waterproofing seal will be maintained.


The Sikalastic 735 top coat can be painted for parking spaces.

Between the cheap cost and Sika waterproofing of the garage, we were thinking about catching a flight out of the Phoenix airport. Who can recommend a destination?




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