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Climbing a 4-Story AT&T Tower!

Malibu, CA – Architect John Jennings from Dry Design is re-purposing an old AT&T radio tower in Malibu, California. Converting into a business venue, the tower will be rented out for different functions. A few miles along a winding Malibu road off the Pacific Coast Highway, the tower provides a fantastic view of Los Angeles County. Although John is considering building a spiral staircase around the tower, a four-story ladder currently leads to the top. We had the opportunity to climb this ladder with Sika’s Ryan Lorenzen and the view is unbelievable. Currently, Sika products are being used to restore this tower to help provide an extraordinary experience for future events.


A concrete building to be used for parties lays at the tower’s base.



Its hard to beat that view!

The tower plays an important role in history for telecommunication and television. In the early 1950’s, AT&T constructed a network of 107 microwave radio-relay towers across California and Nevada to transmit television and phone calls across the country. As technology progressed, fiber optics replaced microwaves for broadcasting signals and the technology in the towers became obsolete. While some of these towers have been taken down, others have been re-purposed in one way or another. However, John’s plans to remodel the Malibu tower may be the most creative.

DSC_0998_AT&T_webSince the Malibu tower has been decommissioned, it has become a popular site for graffiti artists. Although not exactly legal, trespassers have spray-painted nearly the entire tower. The base of the tower, which is intended to host future parties, has since been shotblasted to remove graffiti while retaining the original aggregate finish. The concrete will be coated with a clear layer of Sikagard 670W to protect this historic base. John has hired a guard around the clock to prevent additional damages from trespassers. Although the guard has already had some encounters with opportunistic graffiti artists, these encounters are now less frequent as John’s re-purposing plans have become well-known.



Sikagard will protect the original aggregate finish.

Sam, a personal contractor and friend of John, was working on electrical repairs when we were there. Sam mentioned that lights are going to wrap the tower, so that the impressive tower will stand out against the Malibu sunset. After hearing some of the plans for this location, it’s clear that it will host some unforgettable events. It’s hard to imagine a better place for a party.


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