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Burbank, CA – From the team that brought you the roofing system for the Staples Center, Metropolis, and the Los Angeles Convention Center, Sika Roofing presents four brand new roofs for Burbank Studios in Burbank, California. Owned by NBC, Burbank Studios is home to various television shows, from talk shows to soap operas. Everything from filming to editing to sound production is handled onsite. Currently, Sarnafil is being installed over the filming studio for Days of Our Lives, one of the longest-running scripted television programs. The Sarnafil roofing system will help this broadcast to continue its streak without interruption.


Rey-Crest Roofing & Waterproofing is the approved applicator handling the installation

A mechanically-fastened “Cool Roof” Sarnafil system is being installed to increase thermal efficiency in these studios. California requires these efficient roofs for all flat commercial buildings. However, Cool Roofs are especially important for television studios that are notoriously cold. Since all of the lights in a studio produce a lot of heat, keeping the ambient temperature colder prevents the television stars from getting too hot. This is why you never saw Jay Leno sweating buckets when the Tonight Show was being filmed at Burbank Studios.


Many of the studio buildings are now using a Sika Roofing system.

For a television studio, the installation time is the number one priority in construction. Since the cast and crew for Days of Our Lives are on a three week hiatus, the roofing project must be completely finished before they return. In a business where a simple retake can cost several thousand dollars, a construction project running behind schedule is not an option. Many television shows, including Days of Our Lives, run two shifts of editors, so there is no work-around time for construction. Also, the sound equipment used for these programs are so sensitive that even the quietest workers will affect the show’s sound quality. A long-lasting, energy efficient roof system will remove one more worry from the crew at Burbank Studios. And after all, the show must go on.


Thanks to Eric Karman and Mark Ouellette.


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