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This truck is headed to Santa Fe Springs to refill a silo.

Milpitas, CA – There is some really interesting work being done at the Sika BMI plant in Milpitas, California. Specializing in stucco manufacturing and acrylic finishes, Sika BMI supplies nearly the entire west coast with products. Stucco is widely popular in California, as it provides an easy application for decorative finish over exterior concrete. Combining the ability to match colors and form wire mesh formwork, stucco has many artistic applications. Considering the demand for stucco finishing products, the team at Sika BMI has had a busy summer.


Rui from Sika BMI was kind enough to show us around the facility. Our first impression was the seven-story production building supporting silos that can hold up to 80 tons of material. While Sika BMI provides packages of all products, they also have transportable silos for large projects. These silos are equipped with a dust catcher and a control panel to set the stucco-to-water ratio for mixing. They can hold up to 30 tons of product, and yet some major projects require multiple silos onsite. Sika BMI has a busy fleet of trucks to replenish these silos as needed. These trucks drive into the facility where a chute resupplies them directly. We were able to see this efficient process before the truck headed to replenish a silo in Santa Fe Springs.

Rui and Eric. Look at the size of those transportable silos!

Sika BMI’s most popular product is the BMI 690. While stucco is generally applied in three coats (scratch, brown, and finish), the pre-blended BMI 690 combines the two base coats to allow more material to remain on the wall. BMI has had a history of successful integration with Sika products, which allowed them to seamlessly join Sika in 2015. While stucco finishing has been used continuously since ancient Egypt, Sika BMI seems to have perfected the production process. It’s incredible how much can be accomplished with cement, sand, and lime.

Now compare those silos with the building.


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