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Earthquake Resistance and Nursing Students

seismic upgrade

Carbon fiber can drastically increase the strength of a building.

Portland, OR – Sika’s Serge Alexandre took us to two refurbishment projects at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. OHSU is Oregon’s only academic health center, dedicated to educating future health care providers. OHSU operates two hospitals, as well as programs for dentistry, medicine, and nursing. D&R Masonry is using various Sika products for refurbishment projects across the 40-year-old main campus.

D&R Masonry is implementing a seismic upgrade for OHSU’s Vollum Institute for research. In recent years, the building codes in Portland were updated to require buildings to have greater resistant to seismic activity (i.e. soil failure or earthquakes). Although the Vollum Institute’s building was grandfathered into these laws, D&R are modifying the existing building to have greater seismic resistance. D&R followed designs made by KPFF Consulting Engineers to used carbon fiber wraps, rods, and ropes to increase the strength of existing columns.

D&R foreman Ben Meafoou explained to us how this process works. SikaWrap FX-50C carbon fiber cords are placed through pre-drilled holes and are “fanned out” into the concrete. Next, rigid carbon fiber rods are strategically placed throughout the column. The column is then covered with SikaWrap Hex 103C to provide an integrative strengthening system. Sika New Zealand has an interesting video showing how SikaWrap can be used for a seismic upgrade. Finally, the columns are coated with Sikacrete-213F Fire protection mortar. Once the project is finished, this building will far exceed the building codes required by Portland.

It seems like a great place to study.

D&R Masonry also installed a waterproofing deck coating for the OHSU School of Nursing building. The Sikalastic 710/715/748 Traffic Waterproofing System provided the right balance of cleanability and slip resistance. The project was successfully completed four weeks ago by the cooperative efforts of Serge Alexandre, A.J. Moody, the senior project manager, and Jason Brown, the head superintendent. On the raining Monday of our visit, the deck was clearly preventing water from seeping into the classroom below. Now the OHSU students can enjoy the patio area in between their intense classes. D&R Masonry and Sika are introducing cutting-edge construction technology to this innovative university.

No rain is getting through this floor!

No rain is getting through this floor!


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