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Portland, OR – We accompanied Sika’s Serge Alexandre to two refurbishment projects that were recently completed by D&R Masonry. The experts at D&R Masonry often use different Sika products to complete various tasks. From a unique parking deck project in downtown Portland to a pilaster repair project in Gresham, Oregon, D&R can handle nearly any masonry project.


Doesn’t the black and yellow look great?

The Koin Tower Garage is located in a fantastic location in downtown Portland. Across the street from the Keller Auditorium, the garage provides parking for one of the busiest sections of the city. Because of its constant use, the garage floor needed to be refurbished in a way that can handle heavy vehicle traffic. Also, to combat the considerable Oregon rain, the garage needed to be both waterproof and slip-resistant. D&R foreman Gary Adams mixed Sikadur 22, Lo-Mod epoxy resin and Black Beauty aluminum oxide sand to satisfy these requirements. The combination of the strong, waterproofing Sikadur and the strong, slip-resistant sand creates a beautiful jet-black coating. It looks like freshly poured asphalt, allowing the yellow traffic lines to stand out, but it also has long-lasting waterproofing from the Sikadur. While the garage has been in service for two months since the refurbishment project, it still looks brand new.


The slip resistance allows cars to safely pass through the garage.


DSC_1180_portland_webIn Gresham, Oregon D&R Masonry recently completed a pilaster repair project. The structural pilasters on the exterior of the busy Pella Windows had damaged rebar. Damaged rebar not only affects the structural integrity of the rebar itself, but the oxidized rebar expands which can crack surrounding concrete. After carefully removing the surrounding concrete, D&R applied Sika Armatec 110 EpoCem to the damaged rebar. This product has multiple functions, as application to the rebar both strengthens and prevents future rust. Also, Sika Armatec acts as a bonding agent to the encompassing Sikacrete 211 concrete mix. The repaired pilasters were ultimately coated in SikaQuick Smooth Finish mortar. It’s incredible how many different types of projects the versatile D&R Masonry can complete using Sika products.


These pilasters are now structurally sufficient.


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