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99 Years Old, But The Show Must Go On!

Portland, OR – The Keller Auditorium holds an important place in the history of Portland’s music culture. The auditorium was first opened in 1917 and has been active for the 99 years since then. Located in downtown Portland, Keller Auditorium was the home of the Portland Symphony Orchestra and has held speeches by U.S. presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy. To help protect the building’s legacy and ensure its historic interior stays watertight, a new Sarnafil roof system is currently being installed.

All of this area will be covered with Sika Sarnafil Roofing

To view the new roofing systems progress we met with Professional Roof Consultant, Inc.’s Jose Ponce, Building Envelope Representatives, LLC’s Raoul Meekcoms, and Sika Roofing’s Jesse Quezada, Chris Ogg, and David Bighaus. The Sarnafil membrane for the Keller Auditorium will be fully adhered in a copper brown color. Not only will the roof protect the auditorium from the Portland rain, but it also stands out visually for the overlooking downtown apartments. As the stunning 40,000 square foot auditorium covers an entire city block, it definitely draws attention from the surrounding buildings. Jose and David were working with the experts at McDonald and Wetle, commercial roofing specialists, to ensure the installation was going smoothly. As a leaking roof can ruin the experience for the 3,000 member audience, the McDonald and Wetle professionals are taking extra precaution throughout this installation.

This copper brown color definitely draws attention.

The Keller Auditorium is currently hosting the stage adaptation of Disney’s The Lion King. Having earned a Tony Award for its performance on Broadway, The Lion King production is the third longest running Broadway show in history. The Lion King tells the story of a lion cub, Simba, as he experiences life on the African Pride Lands. And with the new Sarnafil Roof System the dry African plains will remain dry throughout production and for many years to come.

Chris Ogg, Jess Quezada, Jose Ponce and Raoul Meekcoms


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