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No One is Kicking Out These Windshields!

Seattle, WA – Have you ever seen an actor kick out a windshield in the middle of a high speed car chase? I can tell you those windows weren’t installed by the All Star Glass Company in Seattle, Washington. The windshields that All Star Glass replaces with Sika products can withstand pressures up to 800 pounds per square inch. We met with All Star Glass’ Troy Williams and Sika’s Mike McCarthy to learn about this interesting process.

The SikaTack Mach 60 system used by All Star Glass is compatible with nearly any windshield.

As Troy explained, windshields have come a long way since the gasket and Butyl windshields seen in vintage cars. In Troy’s opinion, the Sika Aktivator and the Sika Primer-207 are the “two best things to come along.” Between the assistance of Sika Aktivator’s cleaning abilities and the Sika Primer-207’s bonding capabilities, the SikaTack MACH 60 creates a strong, airtight bond. While a pin-hole sized leak can cause noise within the cabin, All Star Glass uses painstaking care when applying these products. The safe drive away time is only one hour after the replacement, meaning that SikaTack MACH 60 has strengthened enough to safely secure the windshield during a 200 MPH airbag deployment. Most of All Star Glass’ replacements are completed with one of eighteen mobile unit vans. If you notice a crack in your windshield at lunchtime, All Star Glass can replace it before its time to drive home.

The Sika Aktivator and Sika 207 Primer.

Troy also described the increasing impact of windshield strength on new automotive technology. Car windshields alone have advanced in newer cars with sensors for rain, forward collision control, and lane departures. In some brands glass plays an important role in the support of the roof, such as the panoramic roofs in the Ford Flex and Land Rover. All Star Glass has even replaced the windshields in Seattle’s armored police vehicles. In all of these instances involving new technology a weak-bond for glass is not an option.

All Star Glass’ Troy Williams and Sika’s Mike McCarthy.

In addition to helping the people of Seattle by fixing their windshields, All Star Glass regularly donates to the local little league baseball. Also, every glass replacement gets entered to win a football autographed by Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. From my knowledge of Seattle’s sports fans, I wouldn’t be surprised if people are breaking their own windshield for this opportunity.


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