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Salt Lake City, UT – The Reagent Street Parking Garage in Salt Lake City provides parking for the growing downtown area. Goldman Sachs is moving an office into several floors of the adjacent 111 South Main Building. In order to accommodate all of these employees, Goldman Sachs will reserve parking in the Reagent Street garage. In addition, a new performing arts center is opening on the same block. An inflow of people coming to see events at this center will also look to the Reagent Street garage for parking. Walton Concrete Repair and Protection is coating the entire deck in Sika products to handle this demand.

The right includes the Sikalastic Recoat Primer.

Sika’s Scott Isaac took us to this garage and explained the reasoning behind the Sika products used. During our visit, the installers from Walton were working hard to apply Sikalastic Recoat Primer to the top floors. This primer bonds directly to the existing polyurethane deck coating, and so removing the existing coating is not necessary. To provide additional grip for vehicles, aggregate is broadcasted throughout this system. Sikadur 22 low mod is used in some areas to provide extra strength. Finally, a topcoat of Sikalastic-T15 Low VOC, which is compliant with Utah’s VOC regulations, is applied to the deck.

This ramp will use a modified system including a Sikalastic basecoat and Sikadur 22, Lo-Mod.

The concrete slabs throughout the deck are entirely supported by post-tension steel cables. Post-tension not only reduces the amount of concrete mass required in a deck, but also adds resistance to wind and seismic forces. As Scott pointed out to us, Salt Lake City is actually in a high seismic zone and may experience a significant earthquake in the next 50 years. Between the strength of the post-tension cables and the additional concrete protection of the Sika coatings, this parking deck should be well prepared for any seismic activity.

Who wouldn’t want to park there?


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