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Whiskey if for Drinking, Water is for Fighting Over

DSC_1476_whisky_webPark City, UT – The new 20 million gallon per day Silver Creek Water Reclamation facility will replace the existing 2 million gallon per day plant. Park City has grown significantly since it hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002. After seeing the beautiful landscape, the growth is easy to understand. This three year project by Gerber Construction will incorporate many Sika products. We had the opportunity to meet with Sika’s Scott Isaac and Gerber’s Project Manager Jake Field to review this fascinating project.

The concrete base plate is poured in segments and sealed with Sikaflex.

The entire project will utilize nearly 20,000 feet of Sika Greenstreak  PVC Waterstop. Holes up to 38 feet in depth are dug for the plant’s massive 70-foot diameter tanks. Jake told us that the excavators that dig these holes actually climb themselves out when finished. The expansion joints at the structure’s base use Waterstop to resist the 20-foot head water pressure. The plant’s Bioreactor will be the largest building onsite. The soil excavated from the basin’s hole is intentionally piled onto the bioreactor’s future location. This is called “pre-loading” and it compresses the soil to provide additional stability for the large building. Sikadur 42 will be pumped underneath the base plates of the water tanks for additional support. Also, Jake assured us that Gerber is using a great deal of Sikaflex throughout the project.

The operator can climb the excavator out!

The Silver Creek Water Reclamation plant is perhaps the only waste water treatment plant in the country with an Air Med helicopter onsite with a pilot, doctor, nurse, and dispatch operator. Now that degree of safety has to be reassuring to the construction workers onsite. In the western United States clean water is a very important commodity. By purifying waste water to potable levels, this plant will help reintroduce clean water into the area. This project by Gerber Construction will help support the rapid growth of Park City, and ensure that the beautiful area can sustain a larger population.

The site provides an ideal location for stationing an AirMed helicopter. Hopefully no workers will need a ride.


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