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Rock Slides, Ski Resorts, and Snakes!

Glenwood Springs, CO – The multi-disciplinary engineers at SGM have the ability to find solutions for a wide variety of public problems. With offices all over west Colorado, SGM is the district engineer for over 30 municipalities. The effective solutions designed by SGM require reliable building materials, and so the teamwork between SGM and Sika promotes the success of these important projects.


Mindy, Blaine, Erin, Brandon, Bill and Jenn from SGM!

Structural engineering is one of the many engineering subdivisions handled by SGM. Blaine Wright from SGM is currently working on two bridge projects across the Colorado River. Earlier this year, a rockslide shut down the integral I-70 highway in Colorado. Because many other passageways close down in the winter, I-70 is a vital connector between Denver and many other parts of Colorado. Once the rockslide was cleaned up, a Swiss company calculated the risk of the area and SGM designed a solution. At the mile marker 124.2 fences are being installed to reduce the chances of another incident. This is not an easy undertaking, as the fences need to be airlifted by a helicopter before being drilled into the side of the mountain. There are obvious challenges to working 300 feet in the air, but Blaine told us that workers also need to watch out for snakes. Even so, it’s hard to find a better place to work than west Colorado.


Not a bad place to work!

Many municipalities across Colorado rely on SGM for engineering water treatment plants. SGM was involved in the 30 million dollar waste water treatment plant for Glenwood Springs, the home of their headquarters. Recently, SGM used Sika products to retro-fit a new filter process in Rangely, Colorado. SGM’s Marketing Director, Jenn Flentge, told us that SGM led the public relations to teach citizens about the importance of Colorado’s water treatment; the campaign was ultimately well received. SGM is often involved in providing clean water solutions for the many nearby ski resorts. Brandon and Erin from the Glenwood Springs offices are currently involved in the master planning of a gate repair project at the Snowmass Water Treatment facility. They are working hard to make sure the project is completed before the ski season begins. Other resorts require water storage tanks at high altitudes. SGM has handled water tanks at a new Breckenridge lodge at 11,500 feet, one at Beavercreek that was buried on a heavily sloped hill, and even as far out as Park City, Utah.


Installing water tanks on a sloped mountain definitely adds extra challenges.

SikaSwell S-2 is SGM’s favorite Sika product to use throughout their projects, while Sikaflex and Sikadur 62 are close behind. Bill Swigert explained that SGM’s great relationship with Sika can be partly attributed to the responsiveness of Sika representative, Mark Tharnish. SGM’s teamwork with Sika will continue to promote solutions that make Colorado a great place to live. SGM is highlighting an important project every week for 30 weeks to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Check out these great projects!


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