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This pump station controls water flow.

Wheat Ridge, CO – The original Ashland Reservoir water storage tanks were made over 100 years ago with a bare-earth bottom and an open top. Although the tanks have had several renovations since then, they had just about reached their useful life when Western Summit began construction on two new tanks. The two reservoirs will each hold 10 million gallons of clean water when operational. In order to waterproof these tanks to ensure they last as long as the previous tanks, Western Summit has implemented Sika Greenstreak PVC Waterstops into the foundation. Sika’s Bruce Zhu showed us around this interesting project.


We had the chance to enter these giant vessels to see the Sika products in action. Sika Greenstreak PVC Waterstops line the base of the tanks to provide extra sealing capabilities against the colossal water pressure. Also, Sikaflex is used every four feet throughout the inside of the tanks to seal the expansion joints. Brad from Western Summit explained that pouring the lid of the tank requires the most coordination. The 60,000-square-foot lid is supported by post tension steel cables after pouring around an enormous wooden framework.  Everything must go according to plan to ensure the slab cures correctly. Brad remembers earlier in his career when an unexpected snowfall almost ruined the pour for a different tank’s lid. He explained that any mistakes in the process can ruin the slab and cost up to a million dollars to fix. Luckily, the experts at Western Summit have experience with large scale pours and the Ashland Reservoir lid pour was successful. After the cure, SikaGrout 224 was applied to the edges of the lid.


Sikaflex is used on the expansion joints throughout the tank.

Although water treatment plants can handle the total clean water load for the area, the water storage tanks give extra supply during usage spikes. For instance, the tanks will fill up throughout the day while most people are at work, but they will start to drain when people come home and water their lawns. Even though the tank is protected by 15 inches of concrete, the tanks are disinfected once a year a chlorine solution. Clean then rinses the tank and exits through a large drain. While this tank system has the standard inlet and outlet pumps controlled by a pump station, the inlet pipe will have bellows to mix incoming water with existing water for consistency. With the help of Sika and Western Summit, Wheat Ridge will have two durable water storage tanks for years to come!


Sikagrout 224 has been applied to the edges of the lid.


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