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Sika Sarnafil representatives took the automotive tour with us. Sika working together!

Grandview, MO – The Sika automotive facility in Grandview, Missouri supplies products for nearly every automotive manufacturer in the world. A 24/7 production schedule is followed to meet the significant demand in this industry. The Sika automotive plant places a high emphasis on safety throughout the fast-paced work environment. The plant has a very impressive quality control lab, testing throughout all stages of production from raw materials to finished products. After all, each product play an important role in a safe vehicle.

The average car needs 4,500 different welds to attach all the required parts. Using welds alone vibrations and air can cause the inside of a car to get loud, especially when driving down the freeway. Materials designed to dampen (reduce vibrations) and baffle (reduce airflow) can supplement these welds to keep the cabin quiet. Sika automotive adhesives can be placed in molds via injection molding to fit between two components. Once the chassis passes through a large oven the adhesives expand, some up to 2,000 percent. These adhesives account for a handful of the 1,800 finished goods part numbers in this facility.

The Grandview plant is protected by a Sarnafil membrane.

Products such as SikaReinforcer and SikaStructure can be used throughout a vehicle as a way to increase strength and reduce total weight. The plastic-based SikaStructure can provide the same function in a vehicle as steel with a much lower weight. As John from the automotive plan explained to us, this allows more design freedom and improves fuel efficiency. While there are many more products manufactured at the Sika automotive plant, all of them are designed to improve the efficiency, durability, and overall safety of the automotive industry.

We were lucky enough to visit during “Football Friday,” where employees support their favorite football teams and have a barbecue. Before lunch, we checked out the Sika Sarnafil system on the facilities roof. Sika automotive’s Cedric Gray explained that every Sika employee has an important role in making the entire Sika operation function correctly. Just as each player on a football field is working toward a common goal, each division of Sika is working together toward a common success. We were glad to have taken a tour the Sika automotive facility, and feel a little safer driving the Sika car for the rest of our trip.


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