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There are many steps that occur from the time a customer orders a Sika Roofing product to the time it’s delivered to the job site. Sika Roofing’s Kansas City Warehouse is initially supplied by Sika Corporation’s roofing production facility in Canton, Massachusetts. However, there are additional steps that take place before the customer can begin installation. Tim Eisenhower gave us a tour of Roofing’s Kansas City Warehouse and explained the entire delivery process.

Sarnafil membranes come in 60, 72, and 80 millimeter thicknesses.

When a customer places an order for a product, Sika’s efficient customer service department organizes the delivery schedule. This can take some creative problem solving, as job sites can be spread out across the country. Inventory is actually handled with software, but attention must still be paid to which products are in stock. When the Kansas City Warehouse receives the order, Tim, Matt, or Vernon (or sometimes all three of them) use a forklift to organize the outgoing delivery. Because of their location in the center of the United States, there is a large territory that receives shipments from this center. Trucks leaving the center can go as far south as Dallas and almost to Canada in only one day. Two days of travel can almost cover the entire country, but there are also Sika Roofing Warehouses in Utah, California, Georgia, and Massachusetts to make sure Sika Roofing products get to a job site as quickly as possible.

This is the staging area for outgoing deliveries.

A product in the warehouse that has been gaining popularity is the Sika Liquid Flashing. The two component product can be applied as a liquid for Sarnafil and Sikaplan roofing details. The Sika Liquid Flashing is ideal for detailing unusual shaped penetrations on the roof, rather than hot-air welding flashing membrane. Although this product has been used on roofs across the country, chances are that it passed through Sika Roofing’s Kansas City Warehouse team.

Sikaflex is also used in many roofing applications.


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