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The Gateway to the West!

St. Louis, MO – The Gateway Arch in St. Louis was built in 1965 as a symbol of the westward expansion across the United States. Standing at 630 feet, it is the tallest monument in the Western hemisphere. The iconic structure on the Mississippi River is a popular destination in St. Louis; over 2 million people visit the Gateway Arch and the visitor center beneath it every year. Due to the overwhelming support of the Arch, the visitor center is being expanded and the Museum of Westward Expansion will be replaced by a larger, interactive museum. The new addition constructed by McCarthy includes several Sika Greenstreak products to waterproof this important center.

The gateway to the west!

The gateway to the west!

Jason from McCarthy showed us around the expansion project. During our visit, McCarthy was pouring a large slab of concrete to hold a terrazzo floor with a map of the United States. The addition will connect directly to the existing center, which is actually underground with the opening facing the Mississippi River.  It is important for the foundation to remain waterproof, so McCarthy installed both Sika Greenstreak Hydrotite Waterstop and a SikaFuko Injection Hose System into the base of the concrete.  With these two systems in place, the center’s foundation is sure to stay dry.

The historic Mississippi River!

Once the major expansion is completed, the City Arch River project will cover the entire center with a nourishing soil. Also, a walking path will pass over the new addition. All of the Ash trees along the river are being removed because of an invasive wood-boring pest that has spread in the area. However, the project is planting over 3,000 new trees, many more than the Ash trees removed. The new St. Louis Gateway Arch visitor center and museum will expand the existing center to celebrate the pioneer spirit of the men and women of the American frontier. Between the teamwork of Sika Greenstreak and McCarthy, this center will last for years to come.

Eric with Sika’s Steve Brinker

Click here to learn more about the Gateway Arch expansion.


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