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sikatack asap

The Sika Power Clean Aid is designed to remove any impurities from a new windshield.

Addison, IL – Allstar Windshield Centers provides fast windshield replacements for the greater Chicago area. With roughly 90 percent of the replacements handled offsite, Allstar employees will travel to customers to make the process easy. Allstar prides itself on the quality of its installations and it relies on Sika products to maintain that quality. We met with Sika’s Louie Gonzalez to learn about Allstar Windshield Centers’ replacement process.

sikatack asap

Allstar Windshield Centers handles all types of after-market windshields.

Kevin Wesley, the manager at the Addison location, explained their intricate process to us. Allstar Windshield Centers recently began using the SikaTack ASAP urethane adhesive system to install windshields. The SikaTack ASAP needs to be pre-heated before application, but it provides both a long working time and a quick set time. All Star employees clean and prepare the new windshields using the Sika Power Clean Aid and the Sika Aktivator. Then, the application of Sika Primer-207 allows a strong bond to form between the SikaTack ASAP and the glass windshield. Using this system, the experienced employees at Allstar Windshield Centers in Addison can generally replace up to six windshields each per day.


Allstar Windshield Centers has an organized scheduling system in which employees can update installation information on tablets. This information includes the exact time the adhesive was applied, the temperature and humidity during installation, and contact information in case the customer has further questions. Customers automatically receive an email containing the invoice information and the exact time the vehicle is safe to drive. Due to this efficient system and the reliable installation method, it is no wonder why the company has seen significant growth over the past few years. With the teamwork between Sika and Allstar Windshield Centers, the people of Chicagoland will have safe, strong windshields!

sikatack asap

The SikaTack ASAP is preheated before application.


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