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Protecting Floors from Robots!

sikafloor 700

There is 30,000 square feet of floor to be protected around the charging area.

Romeoville, IL – Robots used in Amazon warehouses have the ability to store and retrieve items without any human direction. By following bar codes on the floor, the Kiva robots can track items throughout the 750,000 square foot facility and even deliver them to the shipping department. By having a fleet of robots rather than people traverse the warehouse to search for products, the retrieval process is made more efficient. Robots will not get tired of moving throughout the warehouse to put your order together.  Although robots do not get physically tired, they still need to charge up at regular intervals to keep moving. Artlow Systems is installing a Sikafloor system beneath the charging station to protect the floor from these busy robots.


sikafloor 700

The consistent lines are a good indication of an even shotblast.

The Amazon Warehouse charging station will be protected by a Sikafloor 700 chemical resistant coating. Sika’s Jeff Fleming explained that this product will protect the area from any acidic leaks from batteries, as well as heavy traffic from the robots. When we arrived, the installers from Artlow were shotblasting the floor to provide a better adhesion to the Sika primer. By having a well-bonded primer, the Sikafloor 700 can maintain a consistent attachment to the warehouse floor to prevent any acids from reaching the concrete. Another impact that robots have on warehouse floors is consistent wear in localized areas. The barcodes on the floor act as a track for the robots, and so each robot will have the same turning radius. Over time this bounded pathway will see significantly more use than other sections of the floor, and so it is important to have a flooring system that can withstand heavy traffic.


With the help of Artlow and the Sikafloor products, the Kiva robots will be able to charge up before heading back to work without damaging the concrete floor. Unique challenges can arise from introducing new technologies to a business. If these Kiva robots work well with the Sikafloor system, then maybe we can borrow a few of them for Sika warehouses. We know a great installer to protect the charging station!

sikafloor 700

Sika’s Jeff Fleming with the Sikacar.


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