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Concrete Basketball Domes with ACR

Champaign, IL – When Assembly Hall first opened in 1963 it was the largest concrete dome structure in the world. Currently known as the State Farm Center, the massive structure is home to University of Illinois’ Fighting Illini basketball team. The center is finishing up a $168 million complete renovation, both inside and out. The 232,000 square foot arena is engineering marvel, as it is a hollow concrete sphere protruding out of the ground. Because of their extensive experience with liquid applied membranes, Advanced Commercial Roofing based out of Champaign, Illinois was contracted to apply Sikalastic RoofPro to the concrete dome.

siklastic roof pro

Check out the size of the dome!

We visited the State Farm Center with ACR’s Jim Semonin and Sika’s Tyler Sweeney. According to Jim, one of the most challenging aspects of the project was working with the massive beveling on the roof which can stick out ten feet from the dome. Also, there is a large gutter system to accommodate the runoff from the Sikalastic RoofPro. However, due to ACR’s experience they were able to successfully waterproof the entire roof. The roof section of the project has recently been completed, and the arena is set to open October 27th for a Dierks Bentley concert.

The roof from the inside.

ACR is trusted installer for the University of Illinois campus and has installed 10 roofs for them this year alone. With 45 years of experience roofing in central Illinois, ACR now installs roofing systems in the Chicago area with their Tinley Park office. The ACR location in Champaign is connected to its flooring division, which covers just about every type of flooring outside of terrazzo. Thanks to the teamwork of ACR and Sika’s Robert Landsdown the incredible concrete dome at the State Farm Center will remain waterproof for many future students. Keep an eye out for the Fighting Illini in the upcoming basketball season.

Miranda Adams, Marty Hauersperger, Tyler Sweeney, Robert Landsdown, Marci Smith, Rob Smith, Janice Stilger, and Jim Semonin.


ACR has introduced a temporary roofing system to protect against a roofer’s biggest problem, bad weather. Read more about it here.





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