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Concrete Repairs for Condos and Homeland Security

This concrete slab was reinforced with carbon fiber.

Buffalo, NY – We stopped at two parking garages on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, New York. Sika products were used to repair and coat both the Homeland Security Building’s parking garage by Patterson-Stevens, Inc. and the Delaware Tower Condominiums’ parking garage by R.E. Kelly, Inc.

Chris Schaefer from the Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation showed us around the parking garage below the Homeland Security Building. The refurbished section is used by the Offices of the United States Attorneys, who also reside in the building. When the garage was originally built in 1993, the concrete suffered water damage before a protective coating was applied. Two years ago the damage became apparent as the concrete began spalling due to the rusted rebar underneath. Rather than demolishing the garage to build a new one, Patterson-Stevens was able to repair the damaged concrete. Patterson-Stevens repaired the rebar with a Sika epoxy and used carbon fiber reinforcement to strengthen the concrete. In addition, the drainage was re-positioned lower to prevent water accumulation from causing future problems. Chris said the garage has not required maintenance since the installation and there has been no indication of leaks.

Patching was done using SikaQuick 1000.

Down the street, a 17-story condominium complex has also benefited from Sika’s concrete repair products. The parking garage for the Delaware Tower Condominiums is situated underneath the tall building. Because of this, concrete damage not only affects the immediate parking garage, but also the foundation of the building. R. E. Kelly utilized a variety of Sika products to strengthen the parking garage’s concrete. SikaQuick 1000 repair mortar was used as necessary to replace any compromised concrete. The Sikalastic Duochem 390 was applied to bridge cracks with a water impermeable membrane. In conjunction with Sikaflex-2c NS, all of the expansion joints in the garage were properly waterproofed. The maintenance repairs by R. E. Kelly ensure the garage will remain structurally sufficient for the condominium’s occupants.

Sikalastic Duochem 390 creates a waterproof membrane between joints.


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